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..many people and almost all DIYers worldwide do know the famous blue capacitors used in demanding power supply circuitry and bearing the sleeve with the 'Nippon Chemi-Con' mark on them..

None of them are aware of the fact that these caps are actually made by US based United Chemi-Con, a subsidiary of Nippon..


United-Chemicon-logo_sv.jpg (24786 bytes)


The difference in capacity..

"As wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Chemi-Con, United Chemi-Con (UCC) is the largest manufacturer and supplier of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in North America. Established in the United States in 1970, UCC distributes more than 8,000 products -- including products manufactured by United Chemi-Con's manufacturing plant located in Lansing, North Carolina, as well as other capacitors manufactured worldwide by NCC and its subsidiaries.

Because customer service is one of United Chemi-Con's highest priorities, UCC offers complete engineering and sales support at its corporate headquarters in Rosemont, Illinois -- as well as sales, service and field engineering support at other sites throughout the country. All United Chemi-Con products -- including American-made products and products manufactured in other parts of the world -- are warehoused in Brea, California and Lansing, North Carolina -- ensuring fast and efficient delivery on every order."

an extract from official company's website.

Copyright (C) 1996-2005 Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation. All Rights Reserved.}

180kuF_63V_100kuF_80V_sv.jpg (99540 bytes)

Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  Apparently United Chemi-Con is one of the biggest manufacturers of capacitors, offering more than 150 product series !

Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  MTZ audio has focused on UCC and NCC capacitors suitable for robust power supply circuitry of audio devices.

Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  Our selection of capacitor components consists of carefully tested solutions drawn from U36D, U32D, 82DA, U36D(black) series.

Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  Available capacitance values :

Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  50V range


Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  63V range

10000uF, 22000uF, 47000uF, 100000uF, 180000uF

Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  80V range


Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  100V range

27000uF, 47000uF, 82000uF

Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  500V range

100uF, 220uF(Black special), 470uF, 1000uF, 1500uF

Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  550V range


Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  MTZ audio welcomes special orders for DIYers and professionals.

United Chemi-Con official website


..some may ask : what about Nippon ?

Well, when it comes to Nippon Chemi-Con an impressive -striking one might say- history of successes rises..


NipponChemiCon-logo_sv.jpg (13784 bytes)

The brand of non-stopping expansion..

"Since its establishment in 1931, NIPPON CHEMI-CON has tackled the development of a variety of electronic components, starting with aluminum electrolytic capacitors. As a supporter of this advanced electronic industry, we are very pleased to have contributed to its development.
The spreading of globalization has brought about a new era to the electronics industry. A new market has opened on the world stage, new values have arisen, and a new race has begun..."

an extract from official company's website.

wpe1.jpg (2520 bytes)

Ikuo Uchiyama

Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes) Nippon Chemi-con was established in August 1931.

Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes) Today this company achieves an annual sales revenue (Total Group sales in 2003) of 102.3 million Yen based on the efforts of 6,461 people!

Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes) Nippon Chemi-con followed an unbelievably fast evolution path. Its past history is full of business expansion activities, briefly presented below :

1931. -Toshio Satoh successfully manufactures electrolytic
capacitors for the first time in Japan. Starts "SATOH DENKI KOGYOSHO" as a limited partnership, and begins production.

1947.   -Company is reorganized; the name changes to "NIPPON CHEMICAL CAPACITOR INC."

1966.   -Miyagi plant (in city of Tajiri, Miyagi Prefecture) opens, for production of small electrolytic capacitors.

1966.   -Establish HITACHI ELECTROLYTIC FOIL LABORATORY INC. currently KDK CORP., in city of Takahagi, Ibaraki Prefecture).

1969. -Iwate plant (in city of Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture) opens, for mass production of small electrolytic capacitors.

1970.   -UNITED CHEMI-CON, INC., a U.S.-based corporation for overseas sales, is established.

1972.  -SAMYOUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is established as a joint venture, in South Korea.

1975.   -SINGAPORE CHEMI-CON (PTE.) LTD., a Singapore-based corporation, is established.

1976.   -FUKUSHIMA CHEMI-CON INC.(currently Fukushima plant) is established in the town of Yabuki, Fukushima Prefecture, to support increased production of large electrolytic capacitors.

1977.  -EUROPE CHEMI-CON (DEUTSCHLAND) GmbH, a European-based corporation for over seas sales, is established.

1979.  -TAIWAN CHEMI-CON CORP., a Taiwan-based corporation, is established.

1980.  -Establishment of ASIA CHEMI-CON COMPANY LTD. (now HONG KONG CHEMI-CON LTD.) in Hong Kong.

1981.  -Company name is changed to NIPPON CHEMI-CON CORP.

1983.  -Established IWATE CHEMI-CON CORP. (in city of Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture) to strengthen production of electrolytic capacitors. (Responsible for module design and production.)

1983.   -Established CHEMI-CON PRECISION DEVICES CORP. (in city of Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture) to produce components for precision mechanisms.

1986.   -Establishment of IWATE ERECTRONICS CORP.(in city of kitakami,Iwate prefecture) to produce hybrid IC(currently operating for design and production of amorphous choke coil.)

1992.  -Established UNITED CHEMI-CON MANUFACTURING, INC.(now UNITED CHEMI-CON INC.) in U.S. to serve as local production base for catalytic capacitors.

1993.  -P.T. INDONESIA CHEMI-CON is established, for production of electrolytic capacitors.

1995.  -Purchase stake in MARCON ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. ( in city of Nagai, Yamagata Prefecture) to help expand Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Division and to support exploration of Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors and other new technologies.

1997.  -Purchase the magnetic-materials group of MITSUI PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD. (nowMITSUI CHEMICALS,LTD.).

1998.  -Establishment of SHANGHAI CHEMI-CON TRADING CO.,LTD.as a China-based corporation.

1999.  -Establishment of sales dicision in KDK CORP. (Sinagawa-ku, Tokyo) for sales of electrolytic foils.

1999.  -Merger of the processing division of KDK CORP., established in 1966 as a dedicated foil processing company for electrolytic foils, to strengthen technical decelopment capabilities of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.

2000.  -Established CHEMI-CON ADVANCE BUSINESS CORP. (Sinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
2000.  -Established CHEMI-CON LABORATORY in U.S. for basic laboratory.
2000.  -Established YAMAGATA ELECTRONICS CORP. (Higashi Okitama-gun, Yamagata)

2001.   -Increased the capital to NICHIJU MARCON CO., LTD. for the purpose of increasing the production of chemical foil, and changed the firm name to IWATE ELECTROLYTIC INDUSTRY CORP.

2002.  -HIDAKA ELECTRON CO., LTD(in Samani-gun, Hokkaido) starts electrolytic foil and chemical business through joint venture with NIHON DENKO. Start production of aluminum electrolytic capacitor at CHEMI-CON (WUXI) CO., LTD., a China-based corporation.

2003.  -Establishment of CHEMI-CON ELECTRONICS (THAILAND) CO. LTD. as a Thailand-based corporation.

{Copyright (C) 1996-2005 Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation. All Rights Reserved.}

82kuF_100V_sv.jpg (128564 bytes)


Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  When it comes to materials, Nippon Chemi-con factories are completely autonomous :

wpe2.jpg (3594 bytes)  wpe3.jpg (5140 bytes)

Aluminum electrolytic foils      Rubber seals

wpe4.jpg (4175 bytes)  wpe5.jpg (6971 bytes)

Aluminum cases                 Silicon wafer

{Copyright (C) 1996-2005 Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation. All Rights Reserved.}

All materials ranging from aluminum electrolytic foil, rubber seals and aluminum cases are developed inside the company. Also, silicon wafer, chip resistors and other resale parts are ready for servicing.

22kuF_100V_sv.jpg (80487 bytes)

Aniicon1.gif (2282 bytes)  Some of Nippon Chemi-Con capacitor famous series are the SME, SMH, SMG, KMH, LXV etc. They range from 1 to 1500uF at voltages from 16 to 450V


Nippon Chemi-Con official website



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