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The Hellenic Audiophile DIY News:

Release Date : January the 26th 2007

- new1.gif (897 bytes) Our new two-way speakers, the Nimiel II, Arcos II and Jairo, finally receive their own new sections in the greek part of this website..


JAIRO_2_sv.jpg (87805 bytes)

- new1.gif (897 bytes) The JAIRO X version (which is still under design) will bear Excel drivers..


IMG_0039_sv.jpg (121409 bytes)

- new1.gif (897 bytes) A new preamplifier based on the famous OPA627 IC has just been released..

OPA 627 preamplifier

OPA627_preamp_sv.jpg (78747 bytes)


- new1.gif (897 bytes) BABYBASS II is a new small two-way speaker kit powered by SEAS drivers that still undergoes design..


IMG_0046_sv.jpg (130063 bytes)

BS00044A.gif (2229 bytes) All MTZ Audio speaker and amplifier projects are sold as a DIY kit, i.e.as a selection of components.
BS00871A.gif (2557 bytes)

MTZ Audio is neither a speaker nor an amplifier manufacturer.

new1.gif (897 bytes) Site sections finished/changed :

- Nimiel II, Arcos II, Jairo speaker projects / greek section only.

Archive News:

Release Date : July the 13th 2006

- new1.gif (897 bytes) Our new two-way MMT speaker, namely the Nimiel II, finally receives its own new section in the greek part of this website..

NIMIIpic3sv.jpg (26403 bytes)

Release Date : March the 23rd, 2006

- new1.gif (897 bytes) The new ARCOS X section in the english-spoken part of this website is finished..

- new1.gif (897 bytes) The retail price of our two-way speaker project BasicBass has been increased to 383 euros (incl. of VAT) effective from March 1st 2006.

- new1.gif (897 bytes) New retail prices apply for several SEAS drivers since March 7th 2006. SEAS introduces new products and logos.. More on this at the following link..

- new1.gif (897 bytes) After an intensive market search, we managed to trace and get in our stock some fine gold-plated binding posts (chassis-mount) for heavy duty / high quality applications. More on this at the following link..

IMG_0068_sv.jpg (192565 bytes)

Release Date : January the 29th, 2006

- new1.gif (897 bytes) Our top two-way ARCOS X speaker finally receives its own new section in the greek part of this this website..

Release Date : January the 12th, 2006

- new1.gif (897 bytes) New Year, new projects !

Our top two-way ARCOS X speaker is already distributed and its drawings are about to be released on this website..

NIMIEL ii and ARCOS ii speakers are under design procedure ; they are expected to be released on late January or early February..

Release Date : October the 6th, 2005

- new1.gif (897 bytes) JJ TESLA has been known for years for its involvement in valve audio.. Have a look on our new section on this serious manufacturer.

- 'Cleaning Brushes for Tube Sockets' is about to become an MTZ audio 'best-buy' product. If you operate a valve amplifier it might be a good idea to have a close look..

TSB_TAG_photo.jpg (46586 bytes)


- Also if you like making your own DIY projects and using a soldering iron, our ' Felder' high quality solder is something more than a good choice. If you contact us we will be happy to give you more than one reasons to give up typical 'amateur' solder and enhance all your critical 'earth' connections..

An improvement of several dozens of milliohms might seem unimportant to you..

But every time your power supply rectifier diodes switch on to pour several Amperes to your filter capacitors (and from there to your speakers), you will not only measure the difference in voltage regulation but hear it as well !

There are dozens of good amplifier schematics ensuring high power and minimal harmonic distortion.. yet none will deliver an exceptional damping factor when you are done implementing it if you have not gained an expertise in making adequate ground lines. Soldering is an art itself..

Release Date : September the 2nd, 2005

After a short break for summer holidays we are back ready to launch our top floor standing two-way speaker project, ARCOS X. Listening sessions as well as fine tuning have already begun.

new1.gif (897 bytes) Having understood that most software on low frequency speaker simulation ignore mutual acoustic coupling between multiple woofer drivers as well as that between driver and port, we are ready to include this feature in our LFA software..We expect to launch new version 5.5 on December..

coupling_sv.jpg (92129 bytes)

new1.gif (897 bytes) Our Tube Socket Brushes are distributed in Japan by Triode Corp.  www.triode.co.jp

TSB_TAG_photo.jpg (46586 bytes)

Release Date : July the 21st, 2005

new1.gif (897 bytes) A new capacitors' section presenting Nippon and United Chemi-Con product series has just been added  here.

new1.gif (897 bytes) ARCOS X, our newly developed two way speaker kit is about to conclude its design.. SEAS Excel drivers ensure an astonishing result !

ArcosXph1_sv.jpg (186574 bytes)


Release Date : July the 7th, 2005

new1.gif (897 bytes) BasicBass speaker kits available once again.. Those interested in arranging a listening session can freely use our phone numbers..

new1.gif (897 bytes) MTZ audio introduces a new product for tube amplifier users : Tube Socket Brushes..

TSB_TAG_photo.jpg (46586 bytes)

Specially designed for valve sockets of the following types :



12AX7-AT7-AU7-EF86 etc




6L6-6V6-6F6-6AS7-6A3-6B4-5U4-5R4-GZ34 etc

Release Date : June the 18th, 2005

new1.gif (897 bytes) Henrik Hoegh from Denmark (distributor of Vifa-Peerless- Scanspeak drivers at www.q-sound.dk ) provides a fast and efficient on-line box design webpage at www.softica.dk

Apart from several interesting and well-crafted DIY projects, one can also find danish hifi discussion fora in his 'links' webpage section..

new1.gif (897 bytes) The section on 'ELNA for Audio' capacitors has just been launched. It also has downloadable datasheets. Have a look..

new1.gif (897 bytes) New price for the 5W Kiwame resistors..

new1.gif (897 bytes) A new library section has been created. SEAS drivers' datasheets are linked to downloadable PDF files.

new1.gif (897 bytes) SEAS driver section has just been updated..

Release Date : May 31th, 2005

new1.gif (897 bytes) Speaker Project ARCOS X has just got its fantastic 'copper-finish' enclosures !! Really worths seeing them..

new1.gif (897 bytes) Downloadable enclosure drawings and assembly instruction document now available in BasicBass speaker kit  section..

new1.gif (897 bytes) MTZ Audio proudly announces its very first product, the tube socket brush' set. More on this soon..

Release Date : May 7th, 2005

new1.gif (897 bytes) SCR capacitors' pricelist changed due to manuf.pricelist update on April. Related section now completed.

new1.gif (897 bytes) Speaker Projects ARCOS II and ARCOS X have just begun ! Enclosure design completed and a sample pair of cabinets are on their way to our lab..

new1.gif (897 bytes) BasicBass speaker kit available on its own section..

Release Date : April 22nd, 2005

new1.gif (897 bytes) BasicBass speaker kit is running out of driver stock ! We expect a new delivery from Norway..   Still open for listening sessions at the usual phone number 210-4538655..

Members of the greek audio-video forum 'www.avforum.gr' give the first review : http://www.avforum.gr/showarticles.php?topic=11&subtopic=24675&st=0

FV28_sv.jpg (121534 bytes)

Release Date : April 12th, 2005

new1.gif (897 bytes) BasicBass speaker kit project is still open for evaluation ! Members of the greek audio-video forum 'www.avforum.gr' give the first review.

hxeio1.gif (7270 bytes)

Those who are interested (Athens residents of course) are encouraged to phone MTZ Audio and arrange their listening session ! (tel.no.+210-4538655)


new1.gif (897 bytes) Felder high quality solder is now available ! Ring for details..

Release Date : March 28th, 2005

new1.gif (897 bytes) BasicBass speaker kit project is now open for listening sessions !

Those who are interested (Athens residents of course) are encouraged to phone MTZ Audio and arrange their listening experience ! (tel.no.+210-4538655)

Release Date : March 22th, 2005

new1.gif (897 bytes) BasicBass' design just finished. Intensive listening sessions and last-minute fine tuning will produce the final configuration in less than a week's time.

MetrisiBassBasic.jpg (73754 bytes)

Despite its price, BasicBass will certainly prove amplifier-friendly.. See for yourself !

BBIMP.jpg (88047 bytes)

Release Date : March 19th, 2005

new1.gif (897 bytes) Hopefully this Sunday we expect 'BasicBass' to conclude its final lab measurements a fact that will let us develop its crossover network and start its presentation in this site as well its promotion and sales. We receive a lot of feedback from friends and customers, related to the selection of quality crossover components without breaking our promised low-budget retail price of 320 euros approx. It is not that easy but..

Release Date : March 12th, 2005

new1.gif (897 bytes) Another speaker project based on many 'AVforum' DIYer efforts, is about to be launched : 'LINIA', a  two-way, M-M-T configuration with ScanSpeak drivers has just entered MTZ Audio lab.. More on this later on..

Please note that MTZ Audio does not sell 'LINIA' or its parts. This speaker projects has actually been designed and built by a group of DIYers for fun.

 new1.gif (897 bytes) The "BasicBass" project of MTZ Audio has just began..

BasicBass1.jpg (157411 bytes)

Features :

6.5'' SEAS polypropylene high-power woofer-mid,

1'' fabric dome chambered SEAS tweeter,

elegant 19mm-MDF enclosure in cherrywood-like or silver-grey vinyl finish.

complete kit inclusive of screws, absorbing material, SEAS drivers, crossover components, dust frame assembled with black cloth, vent tube and mouth, printed lab report..

Very low price somewhere above 320 euros a pair including v.a.t.

..more on this, in the next few days..

Release Date : March 9th, 2005

new1.gif (897 bytes) After several months of collaboration between DIYers of the www.avforum.gr and MTZ Audio, the small-sized 'BABYBASS' speaker project finally reached its end. One 5'' Peerless woofer and a 1'' chambered alum.dome VIFA tweeter gave an unexpected pleasure to all its participants.

More on this (in greek) at : http://www.avforum.gr/showarticles.php?topic=11&subtopic=22437&st=0

Please note that MTZ Audio does not sell BABYBASS which was actually designed and built by a group of DIYers for fun !

new1.gif (897 bytes) MTZ Audio develops four speaker DIY projects with SEAS drivers. Preliminary results for two of them are expected on early April.

new1.gif (897 bytes) Another small-sized DIY speaker-bomb is about to be born in the next few weeks. Its features will be directly drawn from the BABYBASS project experience and its extremely low cost will surprise us all !

new1.gif (897 bytes) A new greek company enters the hi-end retail market : Ribbons Electronics www.speakers.gr 



Last site update : January the 26th, 2007

Site sections still under construction:

Audiophile Projects : Preamplifier OPA627, Power Amp, JAIRO X, BABYBASS II.

Audiophile Projects : JAIRO, NIMIEL II, ARCOS II in english.


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