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A new series of 2-Watts and 5-Watts resistors manufactured under very strict quality control in Japan only.

MTZ Audio is the exclusive distributor of Kiwame products in Greece and Cyprus.

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Kiwame resistors are made of carbon film and their case is actually the first one for use is audio applications with superior specifications!

redbut.gif (1351 bytes)  Considerably low thermal noise levels, lower than metal film resistors!

redbut.gif (1351 bytes)  Lower distortion artifacts

On the other hand they offer true 0.5% tolerance despite their nominal E24-series 5% label ! If you don't believe it a multimeter will certainly convince you.

Their sonic character can be briefly described  as follows :

redbut.gif (1351 bytes) Effortless reproduction ('non fatique') subjectively perceived as an increase of headroom.

redbut.gif (1351 bytes) Extensive neutrality

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Other interesting features of Kiwame resistors are the following :

redbut.gif (1351 bytes) The outer layer that surrounds the conducting carbon film is a silicon compound.

redbut.gif (1351 bytes) The maximum operating voltage is very high; some 500Volts for the 2W package and 600 Volts for the 5W package ! In addition they can withstand voltage surges up to 1000V (2W) or 1200V (5W).

Since their first introduction in the audio industry they have managed to gain reputation and the respect of both manufacturers and worldwide diy-ers.

In fact several manufacturers openly suggest Kiwame resistors along with the 'usual suspects' (quality capacitors etc.) for the upgrade of their products.

redbut.gif (1351 bytes)  Lately Kiwame resistors found another audio application, that of the step ladder attenuators used as volume potentiometers.

Browsing internet audio fora and DIY discussion groups proves that Kiwame resistors really make a difference!

KIWPic2.JPG (16410 bytes)



Kiwame Resistor Value in Ohms - 2W series

10R 180R 1K 15K 100K
15R 220R 1K2 22K 120K
22R 330R 2K2 27K 150K
33R 390R 3K3 33K 180K
47R 470R 4K7 39K 220K
56R 560R 5K6 47K 330K
68R 680R 6K8 51K 390K
82R 820R 8K2 56K 470K
100R 910R 10K 68K  
150R 1K 12K 82K  


Kiwame Resistor Value in Ohms - 5W series

2R2 10R 470R 15K
2R7 15R 1K 22K
3R3 22R 2K2 33K
3R9 33R 3K3 47K
4R7 47R 4K7 68K
5R1 100R 5K6 100K
5R6 220R 6K8  
6R8 270R 10K  
7R5 330R 12K  


MTZ Audio pricelist (VAT included), June.'05


unit price in euros

Kiwame resistor 2W 1.00
Kiwame resistor 5W 2.50



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